Halo (TV Series) Episode 9 Review : Finale

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The first season final comes to an end. It was more than satisfactory show for me. It started out with an action packed episode and ended on with one. Overall I really liked the show.

The last episode has some great action and some really amazing fight sequences. The visual effects are overall very good. Some of the shots are simply outstanding in this episode. Specially the ones where the Spartans are flying towards the Covenant planet in their Ship. The concept and the final design is wonderful. The performances are once again pitch perfect. Every actor is seamless. Story is also interesting. And there are a few surprises in the final episode.

The actions sequence on the Covenant plant is really well done. Some of the callbacks to the game once again are very fitting. Enjoyed the first person camera angles. They get really creative with these camera angles. Overall cinematography was fantastic. Some of the action moments were jaw dropping. Specially when Master Chief goes into the God mode. The production was pretty good in this last episode.

The story is also very interesting and is very interesting. You simply want more from the story. One of the best part about this show is the character development of each character. The writers have done a fantastic job in that department. We also see the bond getting stronger between Master Chief and Cortana. The interaction between these two is always very entertaining. The whole Spartan team is pretty dope. Just loved watching them working in tandem. Makee's story was a bit disappointing to me in this episode. I didn't think that the makers will kill her off in the first season itself. She was an interesting character and I wanted to see more of her. 

Overall this was a really well done for a show that is based on a Video Game. It's also based on the books but largely on the game. There is so much to like about this show. Some people might not be happy with this this show but I really enjoyed the show. I'm looking forward to enjoying the second season is well. 

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