Only Murders in The Building - Season 2 : Episodes 1-4 Review


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    This is a hugely underrated show. For the quality that this show possesses it has to be seen by more people, it's that good. It's a comedy with an exciting amount of mystery in it. It's just the perfect combination of acting, direction and a wonderful story. Once you watch the first episode of the first season you are just glued to the screens.

    The casting is perfect. The lead cast makes the show work. Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez they're the lifeline of this show. You can't take your eyes off of these three. The chemistry between the three is one of the best combinations I've ever seen in any show. They are so lovable. The story is so engaging that you just want to see more of it. But it's not just about comedy, there are moments when you feel emotional and sad. That's what makes it special.

    You just feel good while watching the show When I finished the first season I thought, how are they going to top this season it's just perfect. But the second season is even better thus far. These first 4 episodes in the second season are quite magnificent. This show needs more eyeballs. It's a perfect mixture of Comedy, drama and suspense. So many good actors in the show. The music is also fantastic.

    If you haven't seen this show yet. Just go for it. It's a joyride throughout. A must watch. 

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