Only Murders in The Building : Episodes 5 - 7 Review


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    This is quite an incredible show hands down, and pretty much under the RADAR of the people. The story gets really interesting from the 5th episode onward, not that it's any less interesting before that. But it just gets more fun. 

    The direction of these episodes is phenomenal. It's so refreshing to see such show existing now a days. The main cast is the lifeline of the show. The chemistry between the three lead actors is top notch. I just love watching them together. Everyone delivers a power packed performance in each episode. The background music is outstanding. The soundtracks used are remarkable too. 

    The twist and turns in the story are masterfully interwoven in the story that you couldn't take your eyes off the screen. There is something so fresh about this entire series that makes you feel good after watching every episode of this show. And that's quite an achievement for a show. I just wish more people will see this masterclass of movie making or content making whatever you may like to call it. 

    The show gets better with each episode. The characters in the show are so lovable that you just want to spend more time with them. I am so happy that they've announced a third season already. This is a wonderfully crafted show that everyone should watch.

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