House of the Dragon - Episode 1 Review : Tight Writing!

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I was a bit hesitant about watching this show. But I'm glad that I watched the first episode. It's expertly written and directed. Also the performances are top notch by everyone. It was a nice first episode, it has build up the show very well. The pacing of the show was really good. The cinematography was great. The visual effects are good too. But the real credit goes to the writers. It's not easy to pull off such difficult show. Fantastic pilot episode.

We straightaway get the connection between Game of Thrones and this show, so that we don't get confused about the timeline of the show. This is just the first episode but the characters in the show are already very interesting and very well performed by the respective actors. There is of course violence and nudity in the show but not too much. Maybe it will increase in the coming episodes. 

I also really liked the direction of this episode. Nothing felt rushed. The character building is very good. We can already see chemistry between some of the characters. Which is quite an achievement for the show. We also establish the main characters of the show in this episode. There was not much action in the episode but the tension that they created during the only action sequence was really nice. 

Overall I'm really digging the show. Hopefully it only gets better hereon. Waiting for the next episode.

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