Only Murders in The Building Season 2 Episode 10 Review (Finale) : It's just perfect..!!!

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I couldn't have asked for a better finale for this season. It has everything that you need. The comedy, the drama and the suspense. Even though I should get used to the twists and turns in the show having seen it for two seasons now but the show still managed to surprise me the twists. Kudos to the makers.

The finale starts off with a band without wasting any time. The writing is amazing, the direction is super tight. The performances are as always pin point accurate. All the the characters in the show are expertly used in this final episode. The background once again top notch in this episode. The way they have managed the story is quite incredible. This show is breath of fresh air. It's so entertaining and fun to watch. At the same time it's not a serious show, that's what works for this show. Even though it involves crimes such as murders it manages to keep the mood on the lighter side. 

We finally get to know who is the killer of Bunny in this episode and how the killer manged to do that. We are kept guessing till the very last minute which is a feat for the director. Full marks to the makers. The performances once again are top notch from Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez. Their chemistry is great throughout the show. 

There is also a surprise at the very end of the episode and I'm very happy that season 3 is already announced. Can't wait for the next season. This show is fantastic and it needs more recognition.

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