She-Hulk - Episode 2 Review : I'm loving it...

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The episode was a bit short but it was great nonetheless. I'm really liking the tone of the show. But the real backbone of the show is Titiana Maslany, she is absolutely nailing the character. It's so refreshing to see her on screen as the She-Hulk. All other actors are amazing too. 

The return of Abomination in this episode was great. It was a great conversation between Jane and Emil Blonsky. You get a new perspective about the Abomination in that short but extremely well written scenes. Kudos to the writers and the director. The comedy in the episode was once again on point. No action in this episode but it wasn't required. I wish the duration could have been a bit longer.

We are only into the second episode and the character building and the story line have been handled expertly. The music is great. The visual effects are pretty good. But you won't even care about it because the show itself is so engrossing. We also get the connection between Shang-Chi and the She-Hulk story line. And there is something going on with the smart Hulk is well. We'll surely find that out soon, hopefully. 

Overall I really liked the episode and I'm so excited to watch the next episode with so many characters still to appear in the show.

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