Westworld Season 4 : Episodes 1 - 6 Review

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Westworld is probably one of that rare show which has shown the futuristic settings which look quite possible to achieve in the near future. The show succeeds in taking the audience in world of their own. The season 4 is no exception. It starts off well right of the bat. The story seems a bit confusing at the beginning of the season but once you get a grip of it, it's so enjoyable.

The performances are quite incredible by every actor. The background score is always a plus point for this show but they've up the ante in this season. I'm loving the background score thus far. The action is not much there but, it's engaging and feels different somehow. The production design is fantastic and the technology shown in the show always feels realistic.

The direction for this season is top notch, each episode feels like an event. The story moves along pretty quickly and the twists in the story are so good. The parallel story telling is very well used in this season just like they used it in the first season. I think this season could be the best season of the show along with the first season of course. 

I am loving everything about this season thus far. Looking forward to the coming episodes.

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