Prey Movie Review : Outstanding Flick On All Accounts!

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This is a wonderful movie, everything about it is great. Be it the direction, the performances, the action or the cinematography. The movie is beautifully shot and executed masterfully by the director. The action is so good to watch; the fight choreography is excellent the visual effects are very good too.

This is probably the best Predator movie since the first one came out back in 1987. The overall mood of the movie is so enjoyable and a treat to the viewers. The background score only enhances the movie quality. The camera angles are just perfect in this movie. Not a single dull moment if you ask me.

 The actors have done a phenomenal job in portraying the characters. You simply get immersed into the atmosphere. The action is R-rated for sure but it’s not as brutal as one would expect in a Predator movie and I really liked that, so many of the kills are off camera that certainly puts our imagination at work. Overall I absolutely loved the movie and I am up for a sequel.

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