The Sea Beast (Netflix) Review : Truly Beautiful

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This is one of those feel good films that makes you light and heavy at the same time. Along with that this has amazing animations. It's captivating. From the first scene itself the movie keeps you hooked to the screen. There is not a single dull moment in the entire movie.

The story is so beautiful that you get engrossed into it. It's so well put together and presented by the director. The background is wonderful. Keeps you in the mood. The voices are perfect for the characters. The character building and the chemistry between the characters is a real treat to watch. 

There is also a message in the movie, which you'll understand after watching it. There is comedy, drama and action. Everything in the perfect amount. It's one of those movies where you get lost in the story and you feel very happy at the end. It's a beautiful movie, must be seen by every cinema lover .

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