House of The Dragon Episode 2 Review : It's a very compelling story thus far..!!!

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The first episode was very good and I thought it may go downhill from there but that's not the case. In fact the second is better than the first episode and it's already looking like a powerful show which will go a long way. The story is gripping the characters are very interesting, expert direction and the performances are first rate. The pacing of the entire episode is pin point accurate and it allows us to immerse into the story. I think people are already deciding their favorite characters. Whom to root for and whom to hate. It's that good. 

The episode starts with very strong visuals which are quite nasty to look at. Then we get into the politics which is what this show is all about just like Game of Thrones. There are so many powerful scenes in the episode which elevates the show on an another level. The performances only add value to the content. Each actor has delivered a top notch performance. The little expressions and the subtle acting has made this show worth admiring. Some of the moments in this episode are disturbing and hard to digest. There is no action in this episode yet this one is a very strong episode.

The chemistry between the characters is already visible. Some of it is quite obvious and some of it is subtle. The makers are laying the the foundation with great control on things. The story is super tight and drama in the show is phenomenal. This is what I loved about GOT and I'm so glad that they're focusing more on the political drama in this show. 

This show already looks like a winner. Hopefully the coming episodes are just as good as the first two episodes. So far so good.

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