She-Hulk Episode 3 Review : Again good but very short...

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The third episode once again like the second episode is pretty good but it's very short. It feels like you just started watching the episode and it ends. A good one nonetheless. Tatiana Maslany is in form once again and she is delight to watch.

Along with Tatiana, Tim Roth is absolutely wonderful in this episode, his performance is top notch. His comic timing is also excellent. Wong's entry is also exciting in this one, everyone loves Wong. There is a side plot is well in this episode which I didn't mind. The actor who plays Pug, who also played Adrian Chase in the Arrow series is a quality actor, you can see it in this episode. Would love to see more of him. Ginger as Nikki is such a treat to watch, I love her character and her chemistry with Tatiana is amazing.

My only gripe with this episode is that it was too short, not that I didn't like the episode but it suddenly ends, when you just start to get into the story. We haven't been introduced to the bad guy of this show yet. So I wonder is there gonna be any main bad guy or not. There are so many things to come yet, including The Daredevil, to which I'm so hyped about.

Let's see when do we get to see him. Thus far I'm liking the show very much. Hopefully the coming episodes are a bit longer than these last two episodes. One can only hope.

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