Rings of Power Episodes 3-4 Review

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The show is getting more and more intense as we are moving along in with the episodes. Again the show is visually magnificent. The production design is outstanding. The fight scenes and the action in episode 3 is fantastic. Quite enjoyed both the episodes.

The character building, story telling and some of the mystery is very good. The director has handled the episodes masterfully. It's a gigantic show and could very easily lose its way but full credit to the director for managing such a difficult task expertly. 

The performances are once again on point and make the show even better. There is a still mystery around the main plot. We really don't what's going on thus far. And all the characters are still figuring out what's going on with their lives and what's the bigger picture. 

The background score is also quite wonderful and it enhances the impact of the show. Overall I'm really liking the whole vibe of the show and glad that it's getting better episode after episode. Hope the trend continues in the coming episodes.

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