She-Hulk Episodes 4-5 Review

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Episode 4 is my least favorite episode in the show, not that I liked the episode but comparing with the other episodes it's my least favorite. Episode 5 on the other hand is much more fun and it's very tight in terms of content.

There are fun moments though in episode 4, like the presence of Wong. Wong is dope. And there are also the other characters that make the episode fun but still it was bit hit and miss kind of episode for me. Episode 5 is more fun and quite well paced. The story seems more focused and the performances are again great by all the actors.

The comedy is great throughout the show. From the get go. The thing that bothers me sometimes is the length of the episodes. The episodes suddenly end. The 5th episode was more polished and didn't seem like rushed even though it's of similar length.

The supporting cast is terrific and we get to see them shine in episode 5. I really liked the performances of the supporting cast. And the big tease at the end of the episode is simply great. I'm so hyped for the next episode now. Hopefully we'll get a full blown feature of Daredevil instead of a cameo. Let's see what we get. 

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