Rings of Power Episode 6 Review : Best Episode Thus Far...

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This is probably the best episode in the show so far. It had plenty of action and some really good performances. This felt more like a season finale it was that grand. The makers did a fantastic job in making this episode.

The action sequences were pretty cool in this one. The stunt work and the fighting choreography was excellent. It was so good that I could watch this episode again only for the action. The production in the show is amazing from the get go but this episode had even bigger scale. The background score was very good and the performances were on point in this episode. 

There are few scenes in between all the action that also stood tall. Specially the scene where Galadriel confronts Adar. All the actors are top notch in this show. The visual effects as always were great in this episode, specially the end scene looked spectacular.

It's so nice to see different characters meeting for the first time, the union was so satisfactory. The episode also ends on a cliffhanger. This one has made me more invested in the show. Hopefully it only gets better from now on. 

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