The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Episodes 1-2 Review : A visual treat....

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The show starts with some beautiful visuals and that continues throughout the first two episodes. The show is visually striking. The budget of this show is massive. When I read about the budget of this I was awestruck. You can see the result in this show. The cinematography, the visual effects, the background score and the action, everything is superb. The first episode is bit of a slow burn, but I really liked it. The character building and the story telling is very impressive. 

We get introduced to so many characters in these first two episodes. Hence the length of the episodes is over an hour. Which is the way to got for these kind of fantasy shows. I really liked the performances of all the actors. You can already see the hint of chemistry between the characters. Hopefully it will get stronger as we go along. 

There are few intense moments in these first two episodes is well. Specially in the actions scenes. The CGI looks so good. The production value you can tell is excellent. The locations are stunning and you can simply put them as your wallpaper. They are that beautiful. 

So far things are quite in the show. But you can sense that it's going to be crazy in the coming episodes. Overall I'm really liking the show thus far. I can't praise the visuals enough. More good stuff to come hopefully.

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