Andor Episode 5 Review : Another Good One!

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This was an another good episode in the show. The show keeps on getting better. The pacing of each episode is on point. Even though there is hardly any action in this episode but still one can feel the tension in the show. Very well done by the writers and the director.

The performances are also top notch. Diego Luna as Andor is phenomenal, he is an absolute natural. His performance only elevates the show. All other actors are wonderful too. There is no weak link in the acting department. There were so many moments in this episode where you just feel the tension in the situation. And that goes to show the grip of the director on this episode. The background score enhances the whole experience. The sound design for this episode was excellent. 

The story moves forward slowly but it's building up pretty strongly. With so many characters around you don't feel bored by any of the characters be it the good guys or the bad guys. So many great story line in single show, that itself is commendable. 

The chemistry between all the actors is on point and it engages the viewers even more. Overall this one was a tight episode.

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