She-Hulk Episode 8 : Best Episode in The Show...

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This has to be the best episode in the show. It has everything be it action, comedy, drama and some great chemistry between Matt and Jen. This is the episode that everyone was waiting for. If not everyone then at least me. 

Charlie Cox took this episode to an another level. His presence was enough to elevate this show. Even when he said his first lines in the show. It was enough to make his presence felt. He is that good. The back and forth between Matt and Jen is a treat to watch. Some serious lawyer stuff which is entertaining. The chemistry between the two is just phenomenal, an instant hit. Even the comedy felt so much better in this episode. 

The action is also amazing in this episode. Specially with Daredevil. The performances are also fantastic and the background score was on point. When they played the Daredevil theme song I got chills, it made me so happy. Overall it was so refreshing to see Daredevil in this show. I would like to see more of him but I am not sure that it will happen.

The episode has an very interesting end which She-Hulk in a very peculiar position, reminded me Bruce's words in the first episode when he said, Once the world sees you a monster, it never goes away, not exactly his worlds but something in that sort. 

I'm curious now at the ending of this show on how are they going to end this show with so much ground to cover. We'll see how that pans out. Great episode nonetheless.

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