Andor Episode 12 Review : A Fantastic End to The Season...

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This show is phenomenal from the get go and this last episode is no exception. It's a fantastic episode to end the season. Everything about this show is praiseworthy. The performances, the direction, the story and the background score. The action and the visual effects only add value to the show both are exceptional. This is a perfect blend of everything. Probably the best Star Wars live action show along with The Mandalorian.

The pacing of the last episode is perfect, the build up is expertly created and handled with mastery. The emotions are high and you can feel the tension and the frustration in every moment. The characters are wonderful in this show, and it's quite amazing to see so many characters coming together in one place for this last episode. 

The build up in the last episode is so well done. It's engaging the action sequences at the end are remarkable and you get so much invested in the action. That is an achievement itself for the show. The actors are top notch in this show. Specially Diego Luna, he is great. He has done a superb job throughout the season. In the last episode also he has handled some scenes with gusto. All other characters are also great. Stellan Skarsgård has also done a fantastic job with his character. He has done a fine job in this last episode without saying much.

The action shown in the last episode is impactful and precise. The makers haven't wasted anything. The other stoyline with Mon Mothma is also handled well. 
Overall this was a fantastic show and the makers have managed to end the season on a high. I hope we get a second season is well.

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