She-Hulk Episode 7 Review

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This one is another one of those stand alone kind of episode where we don't get much of a plot but a side quest. It's fun to revisit Emil Blonsky and his meditation center as Tim Roth is such a great actor but I was hoping to see something else in the episode.

There is still no Daredevil in the show that's kind of disappointing. We don't get anything new story wise, even though we get something at the very end. Maybe there is a bigger plan going on in the background that we're not shown thus far. But I really hope that Daredevil shows up in the next episode. We haven't even seen the She-Hulk costume yet. 

The comedy in the show is okay. The actors are great in the show specially Tatiana Maslany, she is carrying the show with her great acting. There is hardly any action in the episode, maybe there are saving it for the finale. Overall this was an average episode. I assume that they will give us Daredevil in the next episode. Looking forward to that.

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